LGS has teamed with some of the industry’s best boutique software vendors to bring our customers unique, state-of-the-art, specialty solutions. This is just another in the many reasons why LGS solutions go far beyond the capabilities of our competitors. Technologies from leading companies like DELL, Barracuda Networks and AVG, plus specialized solutions for  e-Recording, Redaction, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are just a few of the technologies fully integrated into our product offerings. Find out more about why these vendors choose LGS to be their partner.

PartnerDirect is more than a channel program; it's a mutually beneficial commitment between Dell and LGS for its State and Local Government customers.  By completing training and competency requirements, LGS provides its customers with the benefit of our teams’ greater expertise with Dell products and solutions. Additionally, you can be assured your backed by two of the best name in the industry, Dell and LGS.


Barracuda Backup is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. Barracuda Backup combines the Barracuda Backup Server for rapid restoration on the local network with the Barracuda Backup Service, a cloud-based backup to two geographically dispersed data centers for redundancy. 
As an Authorized Reseller of AVG AntiVirus you can depend on LGS to provide the lasts security solutions for your systems.  Including AVG AntiVirus Business Edition 2013; the simple, award winning antivirus protection that keeps your critical business and customer data safe from the latest threats and viruses. Includes new AVG Turbo Scan for quicker scans annoying lags and freezes caused by scheduled updates and scans.  Your LGS Account Executive can quickly and accurately assess your requirements.  
RapidRedact and the benefits for your business
  • RapidRedact gives the user 100% confidence that all sensitive information & metadata is irreversibly removed from the output document 
  • RapidRedact streamlines the redaction process resulting in greater efficiency, increased workflow and reduced human errors 
  • RapidRedact is an extremely cost effective tool which usually pays for itself, in time savings, within a few months. 

eRecording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing documents for recording via the Internet that would otherwise be sent to county clerk’s office for recording by express mail or courier service. 


More than a trend in land record document submission, eRecording is a government priority. Federal (ESIGN) and state (UETA and URPERA) legislation has established the legal basis for secure electronic recording, and dozens of states and counties are already eRecording today.


LGS currently integrates with two eRecording companies and is constantly working on expanding this level of integration.


 CSC® provides electronic recording (eRecording) that allows document submitters to quickly and securely record documents anywhere across the United States. Our solution reduces risk, document rejection, and processing time across a document’s life cycle.


CSC was the first to provide eRecording, and we embody that same entrepreneurial spirit today—continually innovating by anticipating client needs, and setting the bar industry-wide for speed, efficiency, security, cost savings, and service. We offer paper and electronic recording for seamless coast-to-coast coverage. For more about how you can fast-track your document recording, visit erecording.com.


Simplifile provides eRecording to Title Companies, Attorneys, Banks, etc. at no cost to the county.   You are able to simply enjoy the ease and simplicity of eRecording through LGS.


DAISI Systems was one of the first technology companies to see the potential of voice/web solutions in America's court systems. Formed in 1988, it has grown exponentially through the years and has gained a great deal of wisdom and knowledge. In fact, it would be safe to say that no other IVR technology company in the U.S. knows more about municipal, local, state, and federal government agencies and how they operate than DAISI Systems. The strain on our judicial systems across the country continues to grow, with nothing on the horizon that would signal any relief.   With the Voice/Web solutions we make data available where you roam. 
LGS AND DAISI Systems have been partners since 1994 when we installed our first system to help Child Support recipients verify that their payments had been received by the County. Today, we are working together to build additional IVR interfaces for Collections and Jury Notification.   We will continue to investigate other possible uses for this dramatic IVR technology through this partnership.
Certified Payments “provides a service for consumers and business to make payments via their credit card for various types of services and taxes.1” This third party service has been widely utilized among County Government agencies to assist with the collection of various fees including but not limited to court fees and hot check payments. Although each county office must register with Certified Payments outside of their LGS software, both companies worked hard to provide integration between the two companies as a resource to various county offices to streamline the day-to-day payments that are processed.
? 1. Company information disclosed on Certified Payments website under Legal Notices