Mountains of paperwork, growing case loads, limited resources, and tighter budgets are nothing new to county employees.   Having viable software that meets those needs with a complete and cost-efficient solution is why LGS is in business.   
For over 14 years, LGS has successfully enabled many County and District Clerks offices across Texas and Arkansas to effectively manage their resources in conjunction with ever-growing customer demands through DataPoint™.   Within the last 5 years, LGS has expanded our product line to County and District Attorneys, Collections Offices, and Justice of the Peace and Municipal courts.  
ProsecutorProfessional™ for County and District Attorneys provides efficient, easy-to-use software which allows quick access of information for Hot Checks and Case Management, careful management of evidence, and the ability to create complex legal documents at both the county and district level.  CollectionsProfessional for Collections Offices streamlines the process of collecting outstanding county revenue.   Integrated Court Solutions for Justice of the Peace and Municipal courts automates the vast array of duties performed through a strategically developed process. 
Strengthen the power of your county office, streamline your workflow, and simplify your process with one of our comprehensive browser-based information management solutions.