LGS offers two product lines to assist County and District Attorney offices in their day to day business. Below you will find detailed information about both products and how each can help your office become more organized, efficient, and streamlined in order to maximize county resources.

Prosecutor Case Management

With the Prosecution Case Management system in ProsecutorProfessional™, you will get software built specifically for prosecutors with the input of prosecutors like yourself.   Important detail and functionality has been carefully designed to meet strict requirements in a cost-effective, browser-based solution.  This system provides you not only criminal case management, but also allows you to manage juvenile cases, victim and witness information, civil cases, bond forfeitures, grand jury, appeals, and much more!   Should your office need to collection restitution, you are given full receipting and cashiering capabilities within the software.  

LGS has devoted countless hours to the research, design, and functionality of our Prosecution Case Management software to ensure that easy-to-use tools provide a complete and comprehensive solution to your need for accurate yet flexible case organization whether at the county or district level.
Features and Functionality
  • Criminal Case Management
  • Juvenile Case Management
  • Victim/Witness Management
  • Bond Forfeiture Case Management
  • Protective Order Management
  • Seizure/Asset Forfeiture Management
  • Appeal Case Management
  • Discovery Integration for Senate Bill1611 "Michael Morton Act""
  • Grand Jury
  • Automated Electronic CJIS Submission
  • Batch Docket Management
  • Attorney and Bondsman Tracking
  • PDF and Microsoft Excel Reports
  • Microsoft Word Document Automation
  • Integrated Scanning and Viewing
  • Image Redaction Functionality
  • Restitution Receipting and Disbursement
  • File Label Generation
  • Daily and Monthly Financials
  • Checkbook Management

Please view our PDF's for more details: (Case Management)

Hot Check Case Management

With the Hot Check Case Management system in ProsecutorProfessional™, you will get software designed to see the full cycle of current and closed check cases.   Beyond the inbound and outbound accounting for checks, the system can print checks, track repeat offenders, issue notice letters, reconcile accounts, and receipt payments.  Increase your office revenue by alleviating the worry of missed statute-of-limitation deadlines.  Free up employee time spent preparing in-depth financial reports during your yearly audit. 
Through comprehensive knowledge of your office requirements, LGS has carefully developed our Hot Check Case Management software in a manner that allows your office to proudly and effectively be an advocate for merchants in your county.
Features and Functionality
  • Check Entry Management
  • Merchant Check Printing
  • Customizable Disbursement Process
  • Streamlined Receipting Process
  • Criminal Case Filing
  • Probation Case Tracking
  • Payment Plan Generation
  • Notice Letter Automation
  • Microsoft Word Document Automation
  • Integrated Scanning and Viewing
  • End-of-Day Register Balancing
  • Checkbook Management
  • PDF and Microsoft Excel Report Generation
  • Statute of Limitations Tracking
  • Integrated Certified Mailer Fees
  • Daily and Monthly Financials
  • Merchant and Check Writer Statistical Reports
Please view our PDF's for more details: (Hot Check Management)