Since our founding in 1999, LGS has been helping Local Government with their data management and imaging needs in various capacities. Whether you are a County Clerk, District Clerk, Circuit Clerk, County Attorney, District Attorney, Collections Coordinator, Court Administrator, or Judge LGS offers a suite of products designed to streamline county office productivity. In addition to offering these products LGS is part of an integrated group of affiliated companies known as Information Capital. This company brings the various county government domains together (Sheriff, Clerks, Prosecutors, Courts, Financials, etc.) to formulate a single integrated business solution covering all aspects of County Government

Truly successful software is generally supported by a central theme, 
"you and your vendor have to become partners in trying to make it work. The vendor can't over promise, but you as users can't over assume either. This may be one of main hidden reasons for Software Failure, the two sides of the transaction not being on the same page"
 -Dana Blankenhorn ZDNet
This is exactly what we strive to do. We attempt to build a partnership with our customers rather than walk in, install software, train them, and leave. This allows for the development of a relationship that displays honest communication, realistic expectations, and integrity driven decisions.
Our mission is to be the leader in the creation of a new era of Public Records Management by delivering tools that empower Public Officials to exceed the mandated requirements of their office while efficiently and effectively serving the public.

LGS is affiliated with Justice Solutions, Indigent HealthCare Solutions, TaxPro, Financial Intelligence Solutions, and Correction Software Solutions through Information Capital Enterprises