At LGS we provide personalized customer service to each of our client counties. Our professional staff of software and system engineers will keep your LGS products running smoothly by answering questions, quickly fixing software issues, and making scheduled major software upgrades at least twice each year. Our client counties can choose from our multi-tier support plans ranging from a combination of phone support, browser-based support, or a full-time LGS Customer Support Technician onsite who is dedicated to supporting your county. If you prefer, you can always call our Technical Support hotline or send an e-mail by clicking on the address shown below to learn more about LGS and it is highly-rated customer support team.

Technical Support Hotline (877) 481.4111

Support Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How We Train Our Customers

LGS is rises above when it comes to training by taking a hands-on, personalized approach. As a new customer you will receive dedicated one-on-one time with a team of superior trainers who not only know everything about the software, but fully comprehend your day to day tasks. Training however, does not stop once you are a happy customer! We offer a yearly conference for all users to continue to grow their knowledge. During this conference, LGS develops course material that will train you on new features, offer help for areas of change affected by legislation, and provide an atmosphere focused around furthering your knowledge. Training with LGS helps you leave the “how does this work” confusion in the past!

Onsite Installation

At LGS we strive to go above and beyond, especially when it comes to the installation of our software.   Changing systems can be difficult which is why we have an onsite installation format that has proved successful for over 20 years.   You will be provided an onsite experience that consists of a team of superior trainers, top of the line equipment, and your data.   Yes you read correctly, YOUR DATA!   When we schedule the installation of your software, we work within our organization to assure that you are trained on your data which has been converted.   Our trainers will take the time to go over with you each piece of our software needed for your continued excellence.  You will see the data that you are used to looking at in an environment that does not disrupt the daily workflow of your office.   We are flexible to work around your office requirements and will hold trainings on a rotation basis so your office is never forced to close during this process.   We are confident that the LGS onsite installation experience will ease the stress associated with transitioning to new software!

LGS' Commitment to Long Term Support

Nothing is more frustrating than not having support when you need it. The LGS team is dedicated to making sure we are there when you need us. Whether you prefer to email, call, or submit a ticket, our customer service is always open! We have developed a dynamic group that will assist in analyzing your question to ensure that it is resolved or escalated to another department. Long term support does not only address the immediate questions you have, it focuses on developing a relationship with you and your office. In doing this we are able to continue development on areas important to your job and guarantee that you receive these features, at minimum, annually. Our dedicated approach to long term support is what sets LGS apart!