DataPoint™ is a streamlined and comprehensive court case management system designed to meet all the duties within a District Clerk’s office.  The system has extensive tools to help you manage all of your court cases such as criminal, civil, and juvenile.  In each of these applications you will find complete tracking for the monthly OCA reporting, automated document generation, integrated scanning and viewing and extensive case reporting.  

DataPoint™ also offers a complete Jury Solution, Registry of Court Processes, Child Support, and automated AG billing and receipting.  Your office will notice reduced paper generation as technology and procedure integrate allowing for process automation and unparalleled public interface. 
Features and Functionality
  • Criminal Case Management
  • Civil Case Management
  • Approved Integration with Texas
  • Juvenile Case Management
  • Registry of Court Management
  • Jury Wheel Management
  • Cash Bond Management
  • Automated OCA Reporting
  • Automated Document Generation
  • Automated Electronic CJIS/JJIS Submission
  • Integrated Scanning and Viewing
  • Public Inquiry for all systems
  • Integrated Receipting 
  • Financial Reporting
  • Automated AG Billing and Receipting
  • Online Records Hosting

Please view our PDF's for more details: (Case Management)